House of Dolls
piccolo, piano
Musikk Huset Forlag
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House of Dolls, Op. 51
Composed by Gisle Krogseth
Suite for Piccolo and Piano
Published by Musikk Huset Forlag
Duration: 11 minutes
Includes score and piccolo part

House of Dolls - On the music
      It is said that in the 6th Century, Pope Gregory the Great decreed a total ban on polyphonic music during the service; true or not, no doubt much from antiquity is lost. In documents from ancient times we find descriptions and depictions of how music may have been used: in Plato, Aristotle, in the Norse Sagas. In images from that time, we see musicians playing, however it is of course no longer possible to hear what they played, though something may have survived in folk music. In ancient manuscripts we find indications of polyphonic, and even polytonal music. There is hardly reason to believe that the ancient musicians and composers were less gifted than today! Moreover, in antiquity, the study of acoustics was a highly developed field. With such a basis, the bright tones from the piccolo play an important role. With its dramatic program, this piece reflects something vital for ancient theater and dance. The work is dedicated to flute soloist Jan Junker. 

en alv (a fairy)
blomsterpiken (the flower girl)
den store bamsen (the big teddy bear)
en liten gutt (a little boy)

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