I Wonder As I Wander
solo flute, 5 flutes (or solo flute, 3 flutes, alto flute, bass flute)
Ann Cameron Pearce
Alry Publications
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I Wonder As I Wander by John Jacob Niles
Arranged for Flute Choir by Ann Cameron Pearce
Scored for Solo C Flute and 5 C Flutes, or Solo C Flute, 3 C Flutes, Alto Flute and Bass Flute
Includes score and parts

Based on a song John Jacob Niles heard sung by a young girl from North Carolina's Appalachian mountain region in 1960, this haunting carol is characterized by minor intervals and unfinished cadences. The pure solo flute introduces the melody in this arrangement and can be especially effective if played from the back of the performance hall. In any case, the first flute part is to be solo throughout.

Care should be taken to observe other indications of solo parts at the beginning of th piece and also at the end, which features a first flute echo of the other solo parts while the alto flute provides a simplistic duet line. Desirable instrumentation includes both bass and alto flutes, but if these are not available, the piece works well on all C instruments.

The suggested doubling plan is to start with part 6 and continuing up the score as desired. Even wiht "piu lento" at the end of every verse, performers should be careful to keep the overall tempo flowing.