In Her Majestys Garden
flute quartet (2 c flutes,alto flute, bass flute) and flute ensemble (4 c flutes, 2 alto flutes, bass flute, contrabass flute)
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flute quartet and flute orchestra score and parts

In Her Majesty's Garden from the "Royal Concerto" composed by Kathleen Mayne 
Written for flute quartet (2 C flutes, Alto flute, Bass flute) and flute ensemble (4 C flutes, 2 Alto flutes, Bass flute, Contrabass flute)
Includes score and parts

"Royal Concerto" was commissioned by the West Michigan Flute Association and received its National Flute Association premier at the Chicago convention in 2014 under the direction of Ms. Julie Sooy.  

"In Her Majesty's Royal Garden" is the middle movement of the concerto and stands alone as its own independent composition.  The steady pulsing of the low flutes provides a backdrop for the delicately syncopated melody of the quartet.  The larger the flute choir the better, however this has been performed with a small group with only one Contra, two Basses, two Altos and the usual other C flutes. Decidedly the upper two flutes do not have much to play giving room for more challenging work of the lower flutes.  The dynamic swells and rich harmonic colors of this movement makes this singular piece the favorite of all of Kathleen's compositions to date. 

*The three movements of Royal Concerto are available for purchase separately or as a set.