In the Hall of the Mountain King (score and parts)
interchangeable 5-part woodwind ensemble
David Marlatt
Eighth Note Publications
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Part 1: flute, or oboe, or clarinet Part 2: flute, or oboe, or clarinet Part 3: clarinet, or alto sax Part 4: clarinet, or alto sax, or tenor sax, or horn in F Part 5: bass clarinet, or bassoon, or baritone sax

In The Hall of the Mountain King from Peer Gynt Suite by Edvard Grieg (1843-1907)
Arranged for interchangeable Woodwind Ensemble by David Marlatt
Includes score and parts


The sequence in which In The Hall of the Mountain King is used is when Peer sneaks into the Troll Mountain King's Castle.  The piece is played when Peer attempts to escape from the King.  Peer Gynt's slow, careful footsetps are played by the lower 2 voices.  The footsteps of the King's trolls are played quietly by other instruments. When the trolls spot Peer, they give chase and the music begins to speed up.  Peer begins to run, and the music begins to get increasingly louder and faster.  The Mountain King runs into Peer, and Peer quickly runs the other way.  The thundering giant that is the King runs too, and the music grows even louder and more manic.  Finally, at the end, the King catches Peer Gynt, picks him up and hurls him out the back door of the castly.  The piece abruptly finishes on this note.  This interchangeable ensemble can be performed as:  part 1 flute, oboe, clarinet; part 2 flute, oboe, clarinet; part 3 clarinet, alto saxophone, part 4 clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, horn in F; part 5 bass clarinet, bassoon, baritone saxophone.

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