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Incantation - Works for Solo flute
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Trad English; Drattell; Debussy; Hoover; Larsen; Escher; Bennett; Anon; Bozza; Tan; Various; Tan; Honegger; Varese

Trad English - The Three Ravens (solo flute) 
Drattell - Streams of Tender Ribboning Time (solo alto flute)
Debussy - Syrinx (solo flute)
Hoover - Reflections (solo flute) 
Hoover - Kokopeli (solo flute)
Larsen - Aubade (solo flute)
Escher - Air pour Charmer un Lezard Op28 (solo flute) 
Bennett - Six Tunes for the Instruction of Singing Birds (solo flute) 
Anon - Lamento di Tristan (solo alto flute) 
Bozza - Image, op38 (solo flute)
Trad. Klezmeri - Doina, Baym Rebin's Sude, Moldavian Hora, Broyges Tantz, Oi Tate, Der Heyser Bulgar, Firn Di Mekhutonim Aheym, Doina (solo flute)

Tan - Flute and Drum Under the Setting Sun (solo flute)
Honegger - Danse de la Chevre (solo flute)
Varese - Density 21.5 (solo flute)