Jacob's Ladder
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Jacob's Ladder by Richard Arnest
Duration: 10:00-20:00

While the notation appears straighforward a few words may be in order. This piece is conceived for a large, resonant hall with a balcony in the back. The four flutists start on the stage, the first flute serving as conductor. The other players move to different stations during the work (they are not required to play while walking). This permits the sound to vary within the space. Copies of the score should be placed on the various stands around the hall. There are no parts. Authorization of copies is permitted by the composer (see insert.)

This complete performance set includes the following elements:
1 Score with notes (color cover)
4 Performance scores (black and white)
1 Alto Flute part for Tableau IV (a duplicate of page 10 in the performer score)
1 Individual parts for Tableau V numbered Part 1 to Part 4 (these help avoid page turns in this section)

Player 1 - C Flute
Player 2 - C Flute & Bass Flute
Player 3 - C Flute & Alto Flute
Player 4 - C Flute & Piccolo

1. Tableau I
2. Tableau II
3. Tableau III
4. Tableau IV
5. Tableau V
6. Tableau VI
7. Tableau VII

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