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The music in Jewish Music for Flexible Flute Ensemble was arranged specifically to provide maximum flexibility in the number of parts required to provide a successful ensemble experience and an effective performance.  These arrangements work well for ensembles of mixed abilities, as well as student ensembles.  Flute Descant is included for more advanced players.  In addition, chord symbols are included to provide even more performance combinations by adding guitar or piano.

These arrangements can be performed as a

            Duet—use Flute 1 (melody) & Flute 2

            Trio—use Flute 1, Flute 2, & Flute 4

            Quartet—use Flute 1, Flute 2, Flute 3 & Flute 4

            Flute Choir—use Flute 1, 2, 3, 4, Alto Flute and/or Bass Flute

            Flute Descant can be added to any of the above combinations.

The music in Jewish Music for Flexible Flute Ensemble is effective with multiple players on each part, as well as with only one on each part.  With larger groups, a piccolo may be added to Flute 1 and/or Flute Descant, if desired.  More advanced groups can perform these pieces successfully with minimal rehearsal time.

Each piece approximately 1:30

Titles include: Havah Nagilah; Hatikvah; Hinei Ma Tov; Hinei Ma Tov; David Melech Yisrael; Tum Balalaika; Heveinu Shalom Alechem; Zum Galli Galli; Ayn Kaylohaynu; Siman Tov Umazel Tov; Lo Yisa Goi; Chag Purim; Eliyahu Hanavi; Dayeinu; Avinu Malkeinu.

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