Jungle Dance (For Bottles and Flutes)
solo flute, 5 flutes, 2 bass flutes, various-sized bottles
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flute choir score and parts

Jungle Dance by Wil Offermans
Scored for Solo C Flutes, 5 C Flutes, 2 Bass Flutes, bottle (high), bottle (low), bird whistle, bass bottle.

The flute is certainly one of the oldest and most popular instruments in the world.  Throughout times, we can see an enormous variety of fascinating styles and models.  Most flutes have been made out of a tube. Actually, many hollow objects with at least one opening - for example, a nutshell or a bottle - can be blown like a flute.

Jungle Dance has been composed for flutes, various bottles and a bird whistle.  All bottles should be blown on the neck to produce a flute-like sound.  The bottles and bird whistle can be regarded as the rhythm section.  The flutes perform the melody and the chords.

To perform Jungle Dance you need a minimum of 12 players.  However, Jungle Dance can be performed by any larger ensemble of even 50 or more players.  In that case, each part can be performed by several players. 

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