Keyboard Kids Flash Cards - Deck 2 (also Levreault)
Santorella Publishing
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Keyboard Kids Flash Cards: Deck 2
Edited by Craig Stevens
Design and electronic production by Carolyn Levreault
Published by Santorella Publishing

      Just what you have been waiting for! Keyboard Kids Flash Cards are the perfect addition to your lessons. The innovative cards used in each of the three volumes are printed on premium card stock so they will last for years. And they are perforated, allowing both the teaching professional and the home school educator to custom mix and match the cards from any of the three volumes to meet the individual learning styles of their students. The cards are arranged progressively, integrating beginning concepts for the novince in Volume One, to the more advanced concepts in Volumes Two and Three
      Volume Two begins the next step by offering more advanced concepts in music theory, including dynamics and phrasing, tempo markings and articulations.