La Belle Dame
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Trad. Scottish; Trad. Irish; Winsberg

Music of Love, Longing and Sorrow in
the Celtic and Poetic Traditions.... Traditional Irish vocals and instrumentals, some original compositions.

Trad. Scottish -  Sea-Longing (flute, alto flute, harp, cello, viola)

Trad. Irish - The Month of January (vocals, flute, bass flute, guitar, double bass, tabla

Winsberg - The Gathering Dusk (low G whistle, D whistle, Wooden flute, guitar, cello, viola)

Trad. Irish - Bonny Portmore (vocals, flute, alto flute, guitar, cello)

Trad. Scottish - The Soldier's Song (flute, wooden flute, bass flute, guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, bodhran, didgeridoo)

Winsberg - La Belle Dame Sans Merci (vocals, flute, alto and tenor recorders, harp, archlute, viola da gamba)

Trad. Scottish - Doun In Yon Banke (wooden flute, harp, archlute, viola da gamba)

Winsberg - Spell Of Creation (flute, alto flut, bass flute, harp, double bass, drum)

Winsberg - Shadow (vocals, flute, guitar, cello, viola)

Trad. Irish - My Fair Darling (flute, alto flute, D whistle, harp, cello)

Winsberg - When I Am Dead, My Dearest (vocals, wooden flute, archlute, harp, viola da gamba, violone)

Winsberg - Richmond's Passage (low and high G whistles, D whistle, flute, Guitar, cello, double bass, pipes, bodhran)