Latar Semplice
flute, piano
Alry Publications
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Latar Semplice
Composed by Laura Pettigrew
For flute and piano
Published by Alry Publications


"Latar Semplice was written at the request of my dear friend and dance teacher, Ann Kipling Brown for her youngest dance troupe of 4 to 7 year-olds. The theme of the 1997 Dance recital was Pandora's Box, and as such I envisioned mischievious little monsters playing their spooky little games in the forest and dancing with glee on the dew laden grass in the light of the moon. By using both the lower register of the flute, which is rather sultry and the piano, which is rather dark and spooky, in the opening of the work the children were able to develop their characters and explore their movement through space. In the gigue, their light and feathery movements transformed as they danced around the stage hopping and skipping, laughing and giggling. When dancing, one percieves the mood of the music and transforms that mood into dance through the exploration of space. Many factors went into this work, and as I was writing it, I not only played the music but danced with the music as this work is specifically written for dance I needed to see it from the viewpoint of a musician and a dancer. The title itself comes from my heart in that it means from Laura to Tara Semple, my dear friend, fellow flutist, and a brilliant dancer who has given me great inspiration and encouragement to return to dance." -- Laura Pettigrew

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