Les Marionettes - Irish and French - Canadian Roots (Irish Flute)
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Fresh and highly original song and instrumental arrangements integrating traditional Irish and French Canadian music, with six original pieces by both artists.

Irish flute, tin whistles, concertina, fiddle, piano, guitar, foot percussion, harmonium, field organ. Lilting and vocals in French.

The Rocky Road To Dublin
Old Drops of Brandy
Le Rossignol d'Ete
My Mind Will Never Be Easy
Les Marionnettes
The Old Bush
Ma Mere, Donnez-moi z-un Mari
The Killavil Schottische
Sorry I Am (For What I Have Done, to Marry The Father Instead of The Son)
John Joe Lynch
Canoe in The Clouds
Betty and Beauty
Le Petit Coeur en Chocolat
Sweet Dusty Road
C'est par un Beau Samedi d'ete
Bobbing For Apples