Von Suppe
Light Cavalry Overture
6 flutes, 2 alto flutes, 2 bass flutes, contrabass flute (flute 2 doubles piccolo)
Shaul Ben-Meir
Megido Music Publications
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Light Cavalry Overture by Franz von Suppe
Arranged for Flute Orchestra by Shaul Ben-Meir
For 6 C Flutes (with Flute 2 doubling on Piccolo), 2 alto flutes, 2 bass flutes and contrabass flute
Includes score and parts

Franz von Suppe is an example of one of those composers who was very successful in his own time, but known today for only a few pieces. His operetta "Light Cavalry" premiered in Vienna in 1866. During that period, Austria was about to become part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The citizens of Vienna were fascinated by Hungary, land of the Gypsies, and composers added eastern melodies and Hungarian characters in their operas, giving their music a distinct sound. Light Cavalry Overture is one of Suppe's most popular compositions and has achieved a quite distinct life of its own. Heroic fanfares and eastern Hungarian melodies can be heard, making it a perfect overture to a grand adventure. Many orchestras around the world have the piece in their repertoire, and the main theme of the overture has been adapted numerous times by various musical ensembles, cartoons and other media.