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Lotus Light (MSA-LL)

13 inch wide Lotus Light produces a flood of pure white light that is easy on your eyes. The light itself is produced by 34 hybrid Nichia LEDs (light emitting diodes). LEDs don’t get hot and they are not fragile like other bulbs. They are so durable that they will never need replacing. Lotus Light is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery. It will produce powerful white light for at least 2 hours on high, or 4 hours on low, and has a custom-engineered rapid charging circuit, so it takes less than three hours to recharge. No batteries required! Lotus Light comes with a universal switching power supply, so you can charge it anywhere in the world. There is a Hi/Low switch so you can choose the amount of light you need. The light shade is connected to a 9" long flexible arm so you can direct the light exactly were you want it. The clamp design makes Lotus Light more useful.The padded jaws open wide enough to clamp onto anything up to 3/4" thick. The preloaded torsion spring provides a good grip on thin metal stands. Lotus Light is compact and the LEDs are not fragile. You can throw it in your instrument case or gig bag - weighs less than a pound. Padded zipper carry bag included.