Lyric Pieces
6 flutes (see descriptions on each movement)
Ann Cameron Pearce
Alry Publications
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flute choir score and parts

Lyric Pieces composed by Edvard Grieg (1843-1907)
Arranged by Ann Cameron Pearce for Flute Choir; see description below for each piece

Grieg composed his popular ten volume set of Lyric Pieces for Piano over a 34-year span. He derived many of these "mood sketches" directly from Norwegian folk music, his way of providing a legacy that enhances Norway's musical identity.

Little Bird
Opus 43, number 4
2 solo piccolos; 4 flutes (alto flute and bass flute may be substituted for the 2 lowest flute parts)
This arrangement also works well as a true quintet (without flute 6).

Solitary Traveller
Opus 43, number 2
6 flutes (optional parts are included for 2 E-flat flutes instead of flutes 1 and 4, alto flute for flute 5, bass flute for flute 6)
The melody moves from one flute to another and can be greatly enhanced through the use of an Eb flute (along with optional alto and bass flutes).

March of the Dwarfs
Opus 54, number 3
6 flutes (optional parts for piccolo instead of flute 1, alto flute for flute 5, bass flute for flute 6)
This piece provides the flute choir with a particularly enjoyable musical experience and the audience with a touch of humor. Use of the piccolo and the alto and bass flutes will give this arrangement even more energy.

 Performance notes are printed on the score for each movement.