Making Music and Enriching Lives
Indiana University Press
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Making Music and Enriching Lives: A Guide for all Music Teachers
Written by Bonnie Blanchard with Cynthia Blanchard Acree
Published by Indiana University Press

Making Music and Enriching Lives is unlike any other instructional book in the way it addresses comprehensive issues that affect all teachers, students, and musicians. In this book, you will find specifics not only about how to teach music, but also about how to motivate and inspire students of any age. Blanchard shares successful approaches with both students and teachers that have worked wonders in her own studio to product successful students who are energized about their lessons and their music.

Part 1. Enriching Lives
1. Transform Your Teaching Style: The Music for Life Method
2. Focus on Relationships First
3. Instill Pride and Respect
4. Show Students Your Commitment to Excellence
5. Promoste a Love of Learning and Indepence
6. Create and Atmosphere of Achievement
7. Attitude Is Everything
8. Make Practice a Priority
9. Increase Success with the Music for Life Notebook System
10. Energize Students with Goals
11. Recognize and Reward Results and Effort
12. Foster Happy, Confident Students
13. Host Fun Musical Events
Part 2. Making Music
14. Use Practice Tricks for Fast Results
15. Musicality Makes the Difference
16. Multiply the Fun in Chamber Music
17. Take the Fear Out of Memorization
18. Help Students Become Confident Sight Readers
Part 3. Tackling Your Toughest Teaching Challenges
19. In the Beginning
20. Make Learning Fun (and Less Painful) for Adults
21. Troubleshoot Problems and Turn around Complaints
22. Prepare Students for Performance
23. Conquer Stage Fright
24. Ace the Audition
25. When It's Time to Say Goodbye
26. Ask the Teacher
Part 4. Running Your Private Music Studio
27. Establish Your Private Studio and Develop a Business Plan
28. Get Paid What You're Worth
29. A Life in the Arts: Is It for You?
30. Make the Teacher's Life Easier