Malagigi the Sorcerer
flute, piano
LaFi Publishers
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Malagigi the Sorcerer composed by Amaya
Written for Flute and Piano

Malagigi the Sorcerer is a piece that develops from the romanticism of mythical stories.  This one in particular comes from the legends of Charlemagne (1). Rinaldo, nephew of Charlemagne and appointed knight by the Emperor "eager to go in pursuit of glory... took the way to the forest of Arden."  He is soon enough informed by an old man (Malagigi in diguise) of an untamable horse, Bayard, that lives in the forest and which "had been held under enchantment by the power of a magician (Malagigi himself), who predicted that, when the time came to break the spell, it should be subdued by a knight of the lineage of Amadis of Gaul (his former owner), and not less brave than he."  Rinaldo eventually succeeds, after a mortal combat with Bayard, in proving himself worthy of such magnificent legacy.

The first movement, The Enchantment, focuses on the spell itself. The second movement, Arden Forest, has three main sections. starting with a flute cadenza depicting the environment in the forest.  The third movement is called Bayard, and it depicts the confrontation and fight between Rinaldo and and the horse in which Rinaldo overpowers the horse, winning its liberty and loyalty. 

Movements: The Enchantment, Arden Forest, Bayard

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