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Marcel Moyse's 24 Little Studies - Taught & Demonstrated By Eleanor Lawrence (VHS)
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"Those who studied with Moyse from his own books undoubtedly have a greater insight into the way of going about practicing them" - Trevor Wye

The late Eleanor Lawrence teaches and demonstrates Marcel Moyse's "24 Petites Etudes Melodiques avec variations" to flute students in her 1995 flute seminar.   Excellent for teachers as well as students, these studies serve as a guide to building a piece into a musical and architectual whole.  Covered topics include:  Principles of musicianship; Use of dynamics to shape a musical phrase; How to play variations; Bell tones, accents and elongations; How to play common rythmic figures; How to play common articulations.

The result of many years of study with Marcel Moyse and 30 years of teaching the material in her own studio, Ms. Lawrence teaches 24 Studies at her master class on Cape Cod. It has been tightly edited to contain only information essential to the study of each piece. Demonstrations of Ms. Lawrence playing each study follow the class discussion.