Meyer's Point
flute, piano
Falls House Press
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Gregory W. Yasinitsky
Duration: ca. 8'25" 

Meyer's Point was composed in late October and early November of 1995, and is dedicated to the composer's wife, Ann Marie Yasinitsky.  The composition was inspired by a visit during that summer to Meyer's Point, located on the Henderson Inlet in Olympia, Washington.  This is a ninety acre site that includes woods, pastures, a farmhouse built in the 1930s, the long shoreline of the inlet, and was a gift donated to Washington State University by the late Dr. Edward R. Meyer.

Meyer's Point is in one movement with four distinct sections.  The work begins with an ethereal, ensemble statement, followed by a cadenza for flute which leads to a slow, heartfelt, mournful passage.  This is followed by a lively, canonic, contrapuntal exchange between flute and piano, and, finally, a return of the opening music, but in a heavier, more mysterious setting, which leads to a climactic ending.

Some of the passages within the music were inspired by the quiet majestic quality of the site, as well as the mist and fog which often surrounds the property.  The music also attempts to capture the experience of traveling from east to west to reach Meyer's Point.