Mithril-The Return Home (Variation Flutes, Fiddle,Guitar) (with A.Bohnet, Flute)
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Morley-Harper; Hughes; Culley; Bohnet; Daring; Whelan; Holland; Anderson; McClellan; Lennon-McCartney; Morley; Healy; Trad.Irish

Morley-Harper - Sparky at the Wheel
Hughes - The Little Lady
Traditional Irish - The Otter's Holt - The Star of Munster
Traditional Irish - The Ale is Dear -The Road to Kerrigoarch
Culley - The Boarding House Jig
Whelan - The Trip to Skye
Holland - Brenda Stubbert's
Traditional Irish - The Hunter's Purse - Tommy People's
Traditional Irish-Bohnet - The Good Natured Man-The H.O.F.
Anderson - Da Slockit Light
McClellan - The Jig of Slurs
Traditional Irish - Dunmore Lasses-Castle Kelly
Traditional Irish - The Cliffs of Moher
Lennon-McCartney - Norwegian Wood
Traditional Irish - Rachra Polka Set: The Rushy Mountain-The Newmarket-The Cullane
Daring/Return to Roan Inish: Fiona Explores-The Banks of Lough Gowna-Fergal O'Gara's
Traditional Gaelic - Traditional Gaelic Melody
Various Traditional Folk - Dans an Dro-Bartók-Macedonian Tune
Morley - The Poet of Tolstoy Park
Traditional Irish - Crabs in the Skillet - Dusty Windowsill
Healy - The Return Home