Modern Times
flute, percussion
Brixton Publications
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Modern Times
Score and Parts
Composer: Buss
Publisher: Brixton Publications
Instrumentation: Flute and Percussion (Flute or Piccolo, Narrator, 4 Piece Percussion)

Duration: 30 minutes.

The music of "Modern Times" transports the poetry into the dramatic and colorful sound-world of the flute and percussion ensemble. The result is a fresh and unique view of the culture(s) in which we live. It was premiered on November 6, 1995 in Tampa, Florida by narrator Jerald Reynolds, flutist Kim McCormick, and the University of South Florida Percussion Ensemble directed by Robert McCormick.

Percussion instrumentation and auxillary equipment:
Perc 1: xylophone, lion roar, tam tam, vibraslap, suspended cymbals (medium and large), bell tree, bongos; a large tub of water for the water gong.
Perc 2: Marimba, stare drum, bass drum, anvils (medium and large), glass jug or jars, conga drum, wind chimes, triangle; a large metal tub to catch broken glass, protective eyewear and gloves, and a small, quiet electric fan.
Perc 3: Vibraphone, roto toms, tambourine, tam-tam, police whistle, shaker, duck call.
Perc 4: Orchestra bells, timpani, agogo bells, suspended cymbals (medium and large), hi-hat, wind chimes(metal); a suspended cymbal to be placed upside down on the timpani head.