Sterling silver handcut headjoint, silver plated body, footjoint and keys, french (open hole), white gold springs, pointed key arms, drawn tone holes, B footjoint

The EX model is Muramatsu's most economical flute, yet it offers the same high quality Muramatsu workmanship you will find on their higher priced models. The hand-cut, solid silver headjoint on this attractive instrument is carefully cut and matched to a silver clad body and key mechanism, the same reliable key mechanism used on their most expensive flutes.

The American EX is stamped MA on the ribbing, assuring our customers that their flute was made in Japan and imported by Muramatsu America to American specifications.

-Solid Silver Head Joint
-Silver Clad Body and Keys
-Stamped MA on Rib

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Muramatsu EX HJ.JPGMuramatsu EX D#key.JPG