Music Theory & History Workbook- Standard of Excellence (Book 3)
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Music Theory and History Workbook, Book 3
Standard of Excellence
By Chuck Elledge, Jane Yarbrough, and Bruce Pearson
Published by Kjos

Dear Student:
      Welcome to the STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE BOOK 3 MUSIC THEORY & HISTORY WORKBOOK. Now that you have successfully mastered the fundamentals of music theory and have a basic knowledge of music history, you are ready to begin Book 3. 
      You'll start by reviewing and applying much of what you already know about music theory. From there, you'll explore many new, more advanced concepts, including interval quality, key relationships, chord functions, cadences, asymmetrical meters, pentatonic and whole-tone scales, serialism, and the blues. You'll use your new-found knowledge to compose and analyze music, and learn how it all relates to the history of music through the centuries. 
      In addition, Book 3 offers many opportunities for you to build your listening skills. Musicians often refer to this as "ear-training." In this book, listening/ear-training activities are on a blue background and identified by an ear symbol.
      Best of luck as you continue to explore the world of music theory and history!
-The Authors

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