Musical Mind Benders (111 puzzles)
E C Schirmer
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Musical Mind Benders: Musical Quizzical II
by Arthur Cohn
Published by E.C. Schirmer

111 stimulating, amusing, and fun puzzles for concert-goers, record collectors, amateur and professional msuicians, students, teachers and all music lovers.

An Introductory Note:
      One of the definitions of a puzzle is a toy (which this book is not) or a device to amuse (which in the plural describes this collection of 111 puzzles.
      The three categories indicated should not be taken too literally. Those in the "easy" group may be only deceptively so and some of the seemingly "difficult" puzzles are the opposite. Whatever the category, the puzzles offer a rich harvest of fascinating new and colorful music lore.
      So, concert-goesr and record collectors, amateur and professional musicians, students and teachers, use your ingenuity and apply patient effort to solve these puzzles. The result guarantees stimulation, fun, and amusement. - Arthur Cohn

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