Nagahara 950 HRBCD (950 Silver Standard Model)
Standard Model: Handmade, 950 silver handcut headjoint, 950 silver body and footjoint, sterling silver mechanism, French (open hole), inline G, C# trill, D# roller, Nagahara pinless mechanism, pointed key arms, 950 silver soldered tone holes, Light base edition locking crown & cork assembly, TRIAD V3 pads, Wearless Mechanism Type II, heavy wall (.018") tubing, B footjoint, Nagahara Scale, A=442. Headjoint choices available.

The Nagahara Standard model flutes are hand-made in Boston and feature soldered tone holes, French-style pointed arms, and custom headjoints. The Nagahara Thumb Key and Pinless Mechanism are standard on all flutes.

Nagahara headjoints have steadily earned a reputation for their incredible sound, projection, and range of color. They are a perfect balance between classic design and modern innovation. Our headjoints are all designed and individually handmade by Kanichi Nagahara. 

Pictured with 950 silver headjoint with 18K gold lip plate and 18K white gold riser, available at an additional cost.

FLNAST950HRBCD - Type II 01.jpgFLNAST950HRBCD - Type II 02.jpgFLNAST950HRBCD - Type II 03.jpgFLNAST950HRBCD - Type II 04.jpgFLNAST950HRBCD - Type II 05.jpg