Nagahara 950 HRBCD (950 Silver Standard Model)
Standard Model: Handmade, 950 silver D cut handcut headjoint, 950 silver body and footjoint, sterling silver mechanism, French (open hole), inline G, C# trill, D# roller, Nagahara pinless mechanism, pointed key arms, 950 silver soldered tone holes, Light base edition locking crown & cork assembly, TRIAD V3 pads, Wearless Mechanism Type II, heavy wall (.018") tubing, B footjoint, Nagahara Scale, A=442. 18K gold lip plate and 18K white gold extended Nagahara riser.

The Nagahara Standard model flutes are hand-made in Boston and feature soldered tone holes, French-style pointed arms, and custom headjoints. The Nagahara Thumb Key and Pinless Mechanism are standard on all flutes.

Nagahara headjoints have steadily earned a reputation for their incredible sound, projection, and range of color. They are a perfect balance between classic design and modern innovation. Our headjoints are all designed and individually handmade by Kanichi Nagahara. 

FLNAST950HRBCD - Type II 01.jpgFLNAST950HRBCD - Type II 02.jpgFLNAST950HRBCD - Type II 03.jpgFLNAST950HRBCD - Type II 04.jpgFLNAST950HRBCD - Type II 05.jpg