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Nagahara is truly a one-of-a-kind company, making a one-of-a-kind instrument. Having worked with both Japanese and American flute makers, Kanichi Nagahara has created an instrument which draws on the best aspects of both worlds, combining Japanese production ingenuity with traditional Boston craftsmanship.

Today, Nagahara Flutes is viewed as a top flute maker among the flute community and a worthy  pioneer in the development of the modern flute holding several patents improving the flute's design. Hand-made for each customer, professional and recreational flutists over the world chose to play a Nagahara for their reliability and superior craftsmanship. Join them, enjoy the freedom of expression and enhanced virtuosity found in every Nagahara Flute.

All of our flutes come with a hard case and cleaning rod.

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Nagahara 10KBOE-PTNR
Nagahara 10KBOE-PTNR
Standard Model: 10K Gold DA cut headjoint with 10K gold lip plate and Platinum extended "Nagahara" riser, 10K gold body and footjoint, silver soldered tone holes, silver mechanism, French (open hole) keys, offset G, split E mechanism, pointed key arms, Nagahara pinless mechanism, 0.013" tubing thickness, Wearless Mechanism Type II, TRIAD V3 pads, B footjoint, A=442
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Nagahara 950PT50BIE-18KNR
Standard Model: 950PT50 silver body with silver mechanism, French (open hole), inline G, split E mechanism, B footjoint, A=442, TRIAD V3 pads, Traditional mechanism, 0.013" tubing thickness, handcut DA style 950PT50 silver headjoint with sterling silver lip plate and 18K gold Nagahara extended riser.
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