Native Scenes
1-2 native american flutes
Zalo/JP Publications
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Native Scenes
Composed by Randall Snyder
For Native American Flute(s)
Published by Zalo / JP Publications
Includes 2 scores

Lullaby (solo)
Dance of the Crane (solo)
Love Song (solo)
Dance of the Crane (duo)
Earth Dance (solo)
Love Song (duo)
Lullaby (duo)
Children's Game (duo)
Earth Dance (duo)
Spring Rounds (duo)
Shadows in the Dusk (duo)

Native Scenes was conceived as a portfolio of solos and duets specifically intended for the Native American Flute, which, in order to make the music as practical and useful, contain several built-in optional features.  In addition to being played in their entirety, performers can assemble any combination of movements in any order for a performance.  Also, the set of "duos" can be played either by two Native American flutes, modern flute with Native flute, or by any other treble instrument in combination with the Indian flute.  Designed somewhat in the manner of the etude, these duets combine two parts of varying technical levels, an easier diatonic one, paired with a more advanced chromatic part.  This blend of material attempts to join traditional pentatonic scales with pitch material derived from modern classical music.  While each concise movement, lasting around one minute, is given descriptive titles, Native Scenes is not meant to be literally programmatic.

The Dance of the Cranes is an arrangement of a traditional Korean folk song.  All other movements are original compositions. 

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