Nessun dorma from Turandot
flute, harp
Adams Magnificent Music
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Nessun dorma from "Turandot"
Composer: Puccini
Transcriber: Adams
Publisher: Adams Magnificent Music
Instrumentation: Flute and Harp

He is an Italian composer whose operas are among the most frequently performed in the standard repertoire.  He is also regarded as one of the last major Italian opera composers, part of the post-Romantic operatic tradition and literary style.  It is an opera in three acts, based on the play of the same name by Carlo Gozzi, and is the last opera that Puccini was writing when he died suddenly.  The story is set in China, and involved a prince who falls in love with the cold princess Turandot.  To obtain permission to marry her, a suitor had to solve three riddles--any false answer resulting in death.  The prince passes the test, but she still hesitates to marry him.  He offers her a way out, as he agrees to die should she be able to guess his real name.  This famous aria is from act 3, and is sung by Prince Calaf, as he waits for dawn, anticipating his victory over Turandot (Nobody shall sleep!  Nobody shall sleep! Even you, O Princess).  The aria has become very popular, and is widely recognized throughout pop culture.  This was arranged for flute and harp by Phyllis and Monty Adams. 

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