Ninety-Five Classical Tunes for Flute
Hansen House
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95 Classical Tunes for Flute
Edited by Marcel Franks for Flute alone
Published by Hansen House

Contents (alphabetically by title):
Air by Giordani | Air by Haydn | Air by Paisiello | Allegro by Handel | Allegro by Mozart | Bourree by Kaspar Ferd. Fischer | Cantabile by Chopin | Cantabile by Lichner | Canzonetta by Rosa | Consolation by Mendelssohn | Consolation No. 2 by Liszt | Courante by Corelli | Courante by Schop | Dance by Scarlatti | Dance by Schubert | Dance by Vierdanck | A Dream by Tchaikovsky | Ecossaise by Beethoven | Elegie by Massenet | Entr'acte from "Rosamunde" by Schubert | First Love by Schumann | Gavotte by Kaspar Fred. Fischer | Gavotte by Martini | Gigue by Fischer | Impromptu by Schubert | Largo by Handel | Les Moissonneurs by Couperin | Little Dance by Haydn | Madrigale by Turini | March by Bach | Melody by Rubinstein | Merry Dance by Rameau | Minuet by Bach | Minuet by Couperin | Minuet by D'Anglebert | Minuet by Mozart | Minuet by Rameau | Minuet by Vitali | Minuet from "Don Juan" by Mozart | Minuet (in a minor) by Bach | Minuet in C by Handel | Minuet in F by Handel | Moment Musical by Schubert | Musette by Bach | My Heart Ever Faithful by Bach | None but the Lonely Heart by Tchaikovsky | On Wings of Song by Mendelssohn | Passepied by Handel | Poem by Fibich | Polonaise by Mozart | Prelude by Mendelssohn | Radetzky March by Strauss, Sr. | Romance by Schumann | Romance by Beethoven | Roses from the South by Strauss, Jr. | Sadness of Soul by Mendelssohn | Sarabande by De Chambonnieres | Sarabande by Kaspar Ferd. Fischer | Scotch Dance by Beethoven | Serenade by Schubert | Sleeping Beauty by Tchaikovsky | Soldiers' March by Schumann | A Song of India by Korsakoff | Songs My Mother Taught Me by Dvorak | Theme by Haydn | Theme from Ballade (Norwegian Melody) by Grieg | Theme from Berceuse by Godard | Theme from Chanson Triste by Tchaikovsky | Theme from Fantasia I by Mozart | Theme from a Grand Waltz by Chopin | Theme from a Happy Song by Mendelssohn | Theme from Humoresque by Dvorak | Theme from Largo (New World Symphony) by Dvorak | Theme from Le Tambourin by Rameau | Theme from Love Dreams No. 3 by Liszt | Theme from Meditation by Moussorgsky | Theme from Minuet by Boccherini | Theme from Nocturne by Borodin | Theme from Nocturne by Chopin | Theme from Nocturne by Tchaikovsky | Theme from Norwegian Dance by Grieg | Theme from Reverie by Debussy | Theme from Scherzo by Clementi | Theme from Sonatina by Beethoven | Theme from Spring Song by Mendelssohn | Theme from The Doll's Complaint by Franck | Traumerie by Schumann | Two Preludes by Chopin | Valse Lente by Delibes | Waltz by Brahms | Waltz by Schubert | Waltz by Tchaikovsky | Waltz in C by Chopin | Waltz in G by Chopin

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