Ninety-nine Irish Dance Tunes (ed.McGinty) (book)
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Anne McGinty's Book of 99 Irish Dance Tunes
Reels, Hornpipes, Double Jigs, Long Dances, Airs, Marches

Arranged and Edited by Anne McGinty

The fascinating book of 99 Irish Dance Tunes has been edited especially for flute players and may be used as supplementary etudes or just for fun.  The tunes have been transposed to include six in every major key and two in each relative minor.

Titles include:
Alexander's Hornpipe
The Bantry Lasses
The Bashful Bachelor
Captain O'Neill
Bonny Kate
The Devil in Dublin
Everybody's Fancy
The Fair Maidens
The Girls of our Town
The Idle Road
Johnny's Wedding
Lady Forbes
The New Moon
Spellan's Fiddle
And Many More