O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
flute, piano
Rebecca Faith
Broadbent & Dunn Ltd
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O Come, O Come, Emmanuel, a traditional piece, arranged for Flute and Piano by Rebecca Faith

In this arrangement the exploration of register and alternative harmonies, together with the sustain pedal, creates an image of sound reverberation in open spaces. The piano's open fifths in the middle of the piece gives an eastern feel. Rebecca Faith has added a new original theme alongside the main melody that gives a fresh unique quality - this theme immediately sets the atmosphere in the piano introduction and is later heard more powerfully on the flute, returning at the close of the piece in the high register of the piano creating a music box like feel. All of Rebecca's Christmas Carol arrangements are fresh, exciting and uniquely crafted, and are very much for the concert platform rather than a sing-along or play-along at home with Dad playing the piano part. These beautiful arrangements require work on the part of both flautist and pianist, as with a demanding accompaniment they are very much a duo. The majority are for the advanced flautist, minimum grade 6-7 standard, as there are some complicated rhythms, flutter tonguing and technically challenging jazzy-style passages. Highly recommended and well received by audiences there is nothing else available like them, and so these challenging yet thoroughly enjoyable arrangements fill a gap in the market and are an effective and welcome addition to the repertoire, providing some festive music with a rather different flavour, away from the usual standard melody with accompaniment.