Of Wind and Wings
2 flutes, alto flute, bass flute
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For Flute Quartet By Daniel Baldwin
Scored for 2 C Flutes, Alto Flute and Bass Flute

Composer Notes: I play in a trombone quartet for fun with some local area band director friends. All of them are wonderful supporters of my music. During one of our sessions, the bass trombonist in the group, Ryan Elliott, who is the director of bands at Garden City High School, approached me about writing a flute quartet for a high school group he had recently put together. His request was for a quartet that would be appropriate for a college group, but would be an approachable challenge for a good high school group. I enjoyed exploring the wonderful array of colors inherent in the flute quartet.

This piece begins with rapid-fire rhythmic chord progressions that lead into a kaleidoscope of colors. Each part is featured at some point. Of Wind and Wings portrays the beauty of what it must be like to soar across the skies and feel the wind beneath your wings.

Of Wind and Wings was commissioned by and is gratefully dedicated to the Garden City (KS) High School Flute Quartet.