On the Light Side
2 flutes, piano
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On The Light Side composed by Genevieve Davisson Fritter (1984)
Written for two Flutes and Piano
Includes score and parts

         "Throughout "On the Light Side" the two flute parts are closely interwoven. They play around each other, follow each other in melodic and/or rhythmic imitation, and punctuate the music with accents, trills, and dynamic changes.  Sometimes the piano has the leading part, the flutes contributing rhythmic diversion and counter melodies. 
         "On my Way," is a flippant introduction with a dancable beat and captivating complexities via rhythms and counterpoint. "Easy Does It," is a blues movement with a theme that employs wide intervals and little chromatic "fillers." Make it sound lazy, at the same time that you follow all markings meticulously. "Waltz" is not a traditional waltz but rather a 3/4 movement with a syncopated lilt. Accents, articulation, and dynamics serve to keep it light and airy. It should almost shimmer. 
"Fast Track" should really move. The dynamics are of great importance. Staccatos should be extremely short. It should sound absolutely taut. The two sections marked "Slower" are in the old "barroom piano" style.  In the next measure following the double bar at each Tempo Primo, the pianist may choose to tap the pedal to indicate the first three beats of that measure of rest, thereby estbaliching the tempo." Performance Notes by Genevieve Fritter

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