Op18 Concert-Paraphrase
2 flutes, piano
Elisabeth Weinzierl, Edmund Wachter
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Concert-Paraphrase Op.18 excerpts of motifs from the opera "Die Verschworenen" (The Conspirators) by Schubert D787 by Franz Doppler
Edited by Elisabeth Weinzierl and Edmund Wachter for two Flutes and Piano
Includes score and parts

"Schubert had no luck with his operas.  The act "Die Verschworenen" (The Conspirators) of the little opera (1823, based on a text by Ignaz Franz Castelli) had to be renamed "Der Hausliche Krieg" (Marital Rows) in order to pass Metternich's censorship, even though it was a harmless Biedermeier-type knightly comedy based on a play by Aristophanes: feeling neglected, the knights' wives use a bit of cunning to hold back their men from going to war and better meet their marital duties instead. Servants betray the conspirators, the knights plot revenge, and after some confusion there's a happy ending. 

We only know of one occasion, while the composer was still alive, on which the work was performed with a piano accompaniment.  And also later attempts to establish the work were very tentative.  So it is quite surprising that Franz Doppler chose this particular work as a basis for his paraphrases, as 19th century virtuosos usually adopted popular works in order to proft from their fame.  It probably was the clear cut melodies of the vocal duets that can be directly arranged for the flute and are practically "provoking" the use of embellishments and variations; the accopmaniment on the other hand can be derived easily from the piano score." Elisabeth Weinzierl and Edmind Wachter (Preface)