Op2 Sonatas for Two Flutes (TWV 40:101-106) (ed.Reutter&Schrage) (score form)
2 flutes
Schott/Universal Edition
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Sonatas (Duets) for Two Flutes (or Violins), Op2 (TWV40:101-106) by G.P. Telemann
Edited from the sources by Jochen Reutter
Notes on Interpretation by Susanne Schrage
URTEXT Edition

Sonata I in D Major (TWV40:102)
Sonata II in G Major (TWV40:101)
Sonata III in A Major (TWV40:103)
Sonata IV in e minor (TWV40:104)
Sonata V in b minor (TWV40:105)
Sonata VI in E Major (TWV40:106)

Georg Philipp Telemann's Six Sonatas for two flutes of 1726, also known as Flute Duets Op. 2, are dedicated to two young music lovers and, thus, appeal explicitly to a circle of pupils and music lovers. The pieces foster the ability of musical interpretation as well as a playful love of music-making and are thus ideal for music lessons. The sonatas can alternatively be performed on the violin. The new edition of the Wiener Urtext Edition is based on Telemann's original print as well as on two earlier editions which grant insight into the contemporary ornamentation practice. Further suggestions for the performance are given in the notes on interpretation by Susanne Schrage. The layout of the new edition is clearly designed, page-turns within individual movements have been avoided thanks to fold-out pages. Thus, the proper foundation has been laid both for a historically informed performance and for relaxed music-making.

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