Flute Headjoint: all sterling silver, 0.40mm thickness, handcut

The essential acoustical element of every flute is the headjoint. For this reason alone, every headjoint must be handmade. This endeavor is left to the most accomplished craftsmen at Pearl. However, flute-making experience is not the only skill needed for this work, but an understanding of the art of flute playing is also necessary. For this reason, all of our headjoint makers are accomplished flautists. Having experienced years of both playing and listening, they now hone their craft with a view to concert performance and artistic expression.

Pearl Headjoints are available in several cuts.

Forte: This headjoint is a crowning achievement for Pearl. This headjoint is designed for large orchestras and concert halls. The Forte is very responsive, and produces a dark centered tone and enables a wide dynamic spectrum throughout the entire range of the instrument.

Vivo: This headjoint combines its own, graceful embouchure plate with modern undercutting techniques. It is easily controlled and produces an open and clear tone. The Vivo sound is silky smooth and ideal for chamber situations.

Calore: The Calore headjoint is Pearl's most responsive and flexible headjoint ever created. Pearl craftsmen have designed a perfect blend of powerful tone, effortless articulation and exceptional dynamic range in one headjoint that is simply a joy to play.Typical of the big American Orchestral sound with a lot of flexibility, wide dynamic range and fast articulation.

Vivace: The Vivace headjoint offers a little less undercutting while maintaining crisp, clear and fast articulation.  Players requiring more resistance will enjoy this headjoint.

Many headjoint lip plate/riser metal combinations are available, some as SPECIAL ORDER ONLY.  Please contact us for more information.

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