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"Cantabile" model - All sterling silver, handcut headjoint, french (open hole), pointed key arms, pinless mechanism, drawn tone holes, white gold springs, 0.40mm tubing, B footjoint

The Cantabile series makes use of traditional handmade features, such as complete .925 Sterling Silver, French pointed arms and drawn tone holes. The Sterling Silver keys are exceptionally nimble and swift when coupled with Pearl's Pinless mechanism and One-Piece Core-Bar. The Cantabile is a superb entry into the world of handmade flutes.

Headjoint Cuts:
*Forte - This headjoint is a crowning achievement for Pearl. This headjoint is designed for large orchestras and concert halls. The Forte is very responsive, and produces a dark centered tone and enables a wide dynamic spectrum throughout the entire range of the instrument.

*Vivo - This headjoint combines its own, graceful embouchure plate with modern undercutting techniques. It is easily controlled and produces an open and clear tone. The Vivo sound is silky smooth and ideal for chamber situations.

*Calore - The Calore headjoint is Pearl's most responsive and flexible headjoint ever created. Pearl craftsmen have designed a perfect blend of powerful tone, effortless articulation and exceptional dynamic range in one headjoint that is simply a joy to play.Typical of the big American Orchestral sound with a lot of flexibility, wide dynamic range and fast articulation.

*Vivace - This headjoint is a bit more free blowing and articulate than Forte cut.

Please contact us for more available options, such as headjoint lip plate/riser metal combinations, heavy wall tubing, C footjoint and plateau (closed hole) key work.  Some options may be considered SPECIAL ORDER ONLY.

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