Pedazitos Variations without a theme
flute or piccolo, 3 flutes, alto flute, bass flute
Alry Publications
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Pedazitos (Variations Without a Theme)
Composed by Nancy W. Wood
For Flute Choir
Published by Alry Publications
Duration: 8 minutes
Includes score and parts

I.   El Paseo
II.  El Baile
III. Ensueno
IV.  La Festividad

Performance Notes:
      This work is an outgrowth of the musical phrase that begins the third movement, "Ensueño." The name Pedazitos means "little pieces" and seems to work much better than "Fragmentos," which means the same thing. The title of the first movement, "El Paseo," means a stroll, and should be taken at a leisurely but not draggy tempo. "El Baile" means dance, and should go at a fairly good clip, as long as you don't lose your bass player! The eighth note remains constant throughout, but the strong/weak beat patterns change according to meter. "Ensueño" means daydream, which suggests the tempo and feel for the movement. "La Festividad" speaks for itself and should suggest excitement all the way through. The tempo should never be allowed to slow down. At the end of the decrescendo two bars before "L," the energy and volume will increase to the end; there is no ritard.
-- Nancy W. Wood

Available Recording:
Woodbridge Flute Choir - Passages

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