Picc Perfect-Boot Camp for the Piccolo Player
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Picc Perfect
Boot Camp for the Piccolo Player
By Tracy Harris
With Music and Sousa Commentary by Todd Harris
Published by Wingert Jones Publications

With Picc Perfect you can discover:
*The fundamentals of proper practice and performance with this tiny giant
*The secrets to great tone with exceptional production and a controlled vibrato
*Proven techniques to master proper breathing, articulation and intonation
*A complete routine for a Boot Camp experience that can be presented at a flexible pace for maximum effect
*Complete fingering and trill charts with suggestions for alternates through the entire range of the instrument
*Analysis and performance tips on the most famous piccolo part ever written: John Philip Sousa's trio to The Stars and Stripes Forever
*New exercises, performance music and even a trio exclusive for three piccolos

All you need to be "Picc Perfect" is this book, a mirror, and a daily practice routine.

Table of Contents:
Acknowledgements and Introduction
1. What Makes the Piccolo so Unique?
2. Proper Assembly of the Piccolo
3. Proper Hand and Body Position
4. Breathing
5. Improving Tone in Three Easy Steps
6. Tuning and Timing
7. Mastering Vibrato Technique
8. Articulation
9. Health Considerations for Piccolo Players
10. Piccolo Care and Maintenance
11. The Famous Trio from The Stars and Stripes Forever
12. Piccolo Practice Music
13. Piccolo Fingering Chart with Alternate Fingerings
14. Piccolo Trill Chart with Alternate Fingerings

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