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Pierre-Yves Artaud: Flute Master and Teacher(French, English Subtitles)
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Debussy; Ferneyhough; Taira

One of twelve hugely influential programs broadcast by French television between 1987 and 1991 for the purpose of capturing the art of the leading performers of our time-live in concert, but also in a teaching environment. This film takes you inside the transmission process between maestro and budding young talent, and immerses you in the atmosphere of the contemporary flute repertoire with it's foremost exponent and the creator of many of it's techniques - Pierre-Yves Artaud. Taking Debussy's Syrinx, which introduced the flute to modernism, Artaud displays the open-mindedness indispensable for performing contemporary music. To this end he chooses a piece by the Japanese composer Yoshihisa Taira to discuss questions of breath, and with the complicity of the composer Brian Ferneyhough he guides you through the highly complex mysteries of Cassandra's Dream Song for solo flute in an almost comical sequence.

In this film a patient, charismatic Artaud is seen transmitting his open-minded approach and trade secrets to three pupils (Emmanuel Pahud,Veronique Lorand,Clara Novakova) soon to embark on their professional careers.