piccolo, 4 flutes, 2 alto flutes, bass flute, contrabass flute, optional drum set
V Coleman Music
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flute choir; score and parts

Pontchartrain for Flute Choir by Valerie Coleman
Scored for Piccolo, 4 C Flutes, 2 Alto Flutes, Bass Flute and Contrabass Flute
Includes score and parts

Pontchartrain for flute choir was created in 2011, in reflection of the natural disaster known as Hurricane Katrina. In the aftermath, the world witnessed a rebirth of New Orleans, a healing process that brought the nation together to rebuild what was lost.

This piece is a narrative that begins in the aftermath of the flood. The shock and despair is depicted by an intense melody held aloft by the undercurrent of churning waves. Slowly the melody changes tone, becoming soulful in a determined fashion, as the rebuilding process of New Orleans begins, transitioning into a more vibrant motion, and then a swingline groove. That groove is the 'Second Line,' the traditional sound found in New Orleans parades, typically featuring brass and drums.

Here the flute choir is challenged by making a transformation into these instruments with an optional drum accompaniment, and the inner voices within the flute choir create an ostinato that is the very hallmark of second line; an implied kick of two and four.

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