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Handmade Conservatory Silver
All sterling silver, handcut headjoint, pointed key arms, french (open hole), 10K gold springs, drawn tone holes, pinless mechanism, G disc, .016” tubing, B footjoint

Starting in 1927, Mr. Powell made two kinds of flutes, a Handmade model and a Commercial model. The Commercial model was a handmade Sterling Silver flute with drawn tone holes rather than soldered, which the handmade model had. The Commercial model was Mr. Powell’s vision for the best quality instrument for the best possible price. Today we continue this tradition with the handmade Sterling Silver Conservatory Flute. The body has drawn tone holes, the Powell Modern scale, and a pinless mechanism. The headjoint is a handmade Custom Headjoint, the same as the Custom Flutes, and can be upgraded with a variety of lip plates and risers. Today it is also offer in standard tube thickness (.016”) and heavy tube thickness (.018”) just as the original Commercial Model flutes from years ago.

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