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Handmade Conservatory Aurumite 9K
Aurumite 9K headjoint, body and footjoint (rose gold exterior/silver interior) with 9K rose gold lip plate and silver riser, sterling silver mechanism, french (open hole), 10K gold springs, drawn tone holes, pinless mechanism, G disc, handcut headjoint, .016 tubing, B footjoint

The Aurumite 9K Conservatory is one of the most celebrated and well-loved flutes in our catalog. The evolution of Powell's former 3100 model, the Aurumite 9K Conservatory has an exterior layer of 9K Rose Gold with an interior layer of Sterling Silver. The sound is sunny and animated. It features a pinless mechanism and Modern Powell scale with drawn tone holes, made with Powell's patented method for extruding tone holes. This method results in a beautiful tone hole with a perfectly flat edge for the best pad seal. The headjoint on this flute features an Aurumite 9K tube, Sterling Silver riser, 9K Rose Gold lip plate, and Sterling Silver Crown.

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