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Handmade Silver STH
All sterling silver, french (open hole), pointed key arms, 10K gold springs, soldered tone holes, handcut headjoint, Straubinger pads, .016" tubing, B footjoint

Clean, sophisticated, and classic, our Sterling Silver flute has the perfect balance of a true, ringing sound with projection and color. From the ethereal thin-wall flute to the earthy heavy-wall flute, Sterling Silver has an immediacy that allows players to freely express ideas and gestures. Available in three varieties of tubing thickness, .014”-.016”-.018”, each thickness has its own characteristic color.

The brilliance of Sterling Silver gives lightness and freedom. Available with soldered tone holes, all of Powell's Sterling Silver Custom Flutes have a pinless mechanism with the Modern Powell Scale. Your instrument can be customized with a B or C footjoint, in-line or offset G keys, or a variety of additional mechanisms. Instruments can also be made to special order.

Please choose one option from each section below. Some options are considered special order only. Please contact us for more information.

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