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Handmade 10K DTH
10K yellow gold headjoint, body and footjoint, sterling silver mechanism, rings and crown, french (open hole), pointed key arms, 10K gold springs, drawn tone holes, handcut headjoint, silver crown and rings, custom handmade mechanism, Straubinger pads, B footjoint

Powell’s 10K Yellow Gold flute is unlike any other instrument being produced today. Distinguished by its gentle, golden hue, the sound of this unique instrument is brilliant and lyrical.

The combination of metals in the 10K Yellow Gold renders a sound that is dark but not heavy. High in gold content, the shining sound of this flute is resonant and full of energy, yet is lighter in weight than 14K or 19.5 K gold. Elegance embodied, this flute is offered with either a sterling silver or a matching 10K Yellow Gold mechanism.

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