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Handmade 14K STH
14K gold headjoint, body and footjoint, sterling silver mechanism, french (open hole), pointed key arms, 10K gold springs, soldered silver tone holes, silver crown and rings, handcut headjoint, Straubinger pads, B footjoint (Available with 14K rose gold or 14K white gold tubing.)

Time-honored, the world loves the sound of a 14K Rose Gold Powell Flute. Capable of intense color changes, the balance of intimacy and power are among the most valued characteristics. From rosy pinks and vibrant oranges, to noble blues and verdant greens, the sound flows through the instrument with grace and ease. The combination of metals in this alloy makes it the perfect balance between lighter karat golds and heavier karat golds. Your 14K sound can be customized with Sterling Silver or 14K Rose Gold mechanism, as well as elegant key cup engraving.

This instrument is also offered in 14K White Gold, a more dense alloy with an acoustic more closely related to Platinum. The shade of the metal is much darker and the tone of the flute is more compact. 14K White Gold flutes are available only with soldered tone holes and can be made with Sterling Silver or 14K Rose Gold mechanism.

Please choose one option from each section below. This flute is considered a special order only. Please contact us for more information.