Practice Sessions for Flute
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Practice Sessions for Flute by Peter Wastall

Practice Sessions for Flute is an intermediate level course which places the maximum emphasis on developing expressive playing. Pieces and studies have been chosen which encourage phrase shaping, rhythmical playing and dynamic control. These include works by distinguished contemporary composers. The range of styles covers jazz, blues and rock, as well as music from the established flute repertoire. Aural confidence and creativity is developed through an introductory course on playing by ear.

Night Song (Christopher Norton)
Adagio from 27 Easy and Progressive Pieces for Two Flutes (Kaspar Kummer)
Study #1 from 10 Jazz Studies (Stuart Isacoff)
Romance (John Hawkins)
A Study for Low C# (Charles Nicholson)
Scales and Arpeggios (C Major, a minor harmonic form, a minor melodic form, C Major arpeggio
Peanut Butter from The Sound of Rock (Sandy Feldstein & Joseph Scianni)
Trill Exercises
Allegretto from 3 Sonatas for the Pianoforte with an accompaniment on the German Flute, Op99 #3 (James Hook)
Tone Exercises
Orbital Rock (Steve Pogson)
Study #2 (Giuseppe Gariboldi)
Study #3 (Wilhelm Popp)
Trio from Symphony #97 (Joseph Haydn, arranged by Emmanuel Ducreux)
Scales and Arpeggios (Bb Major, g minor harmonic form, g minor melodic form, Bb Major arpeggio)
Purple Sky from The Sound of Rock (Sandy Feldstein & Joseph Scianni)
Study #4 (Guiseppe Gariboldi)
Chromatic Scales (Chromatic on F)
Far More Blue (Dae Brubeck, arranged by Peter Wastall)
A Study in Syncopation (Heinrich Soussman)
Jazz Duet 2 of 33 Jazz Duets (Charles Colin)
The Little Shepherd from Children's Corner (Claude Debussy, arranged Peter Wastall)
A Study for Trills (Charles Nicholson)
Scales and Arpeggios (D Major, b minor harmonic form, b minor melodic form, D Major and b minor arpeggios)
Examination Blues from The Sound of Rock (Sandy Feldstein & Joseph Scianni)
Study #5 (Jean Louis Tulou)
Gavotta from 12 Sonatas for Flute and Continuo, Op1 #4 (Jean Baptiste Loeillet)
A Lady in Blue (Christine Barron)
Study #6 (Joachim Andersen)
Andante from 6 Duets K.Anh 157 #4 (W.A. Mozart)
Scales and Arpeggios (Eb Major, c minor harmonic form, c minor melodic form, Eb Major and c minor arpeggios)
Bubble Gum Pink from The Sound of Rock  (Sandy Feldstein & Joseph Scianni)
Cantilena from 12 Easy Pieces for Flute and Piano, Op371 (Wilhelm Popp)
Study #7 from 10 Jazz Etudes
Tone Exercises
Waltz from 3 Waltzes Op64 #2 (Frederic Chopin, arranged by Ernesto Kohler)
Brazillienne (John Hawkins)
Scales and Arpeggios (A Major, f# minor harmonic form, f# minor melodic form, A Major and f# minor arpeggios)
Study #8 (Wilhem Popp)
Study #9 by (Charles Nicholson)
Study #10 (Antoine Hugot)
Study #11 (Charles Nicholson)
Study #12 (Wilhelm Popp)
Fingering Chart
Table of Trills