Quintet (score and parts)
flute, 2 violins, viola, cello
Falls House Press
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Quintet for fltue and string quartet by Matt H. Doran 
Includes score and parts

Quintet for Flute and String Quartet combines Doran's favorite instrument with the most time-honored chamber ensemble. The solid composition is flavored with certain features such as flute glissandi, trills, shakes and very rapid runs as well as string harmonics, alternation of arco and pizzicato and double stops. 

The textures go from solo flute with string accompaniement to highly concentrated contrapuntal passages with all five instruments sharing equally in the musical proceedings. 

The first movement is built around a motive, used melodically and then in an involved fugal setting. The second movement is a very fast scherzo with such features as low register and violin harmonics. The third movement is a Serenade and the last is a very energetic "allegro" with a contrasting middle section, melodic and expressive, before returning to the original fast tempo, which concludes with very rapid shakes in the flute. 

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