Royal Concerto
flute quartet (2 flutes,alto flute, bass flute) and flute ensemble (piccolo, 4 c flutes, 2 alto flutes, bass flute, contrabass flute)
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flute choir score and parts

Royal Concerto composed by Kathleen Mayne
Written for flute quartet (2 C flutes, Alto flute, Bass flute) and flute ensemble (Piccolo, 4 C flutes, 2 Alto flutes, Bass flute, Contrabass flute)
Includes score and parts
Duration. 14 minutes

"Royal Concerto" was commissioned by the West Michigan Flute Association and received its National Flute Association premier at the Chicago convention in 2014.  Ms. Mayne was requested to compose in the concerto grosso style, with a flute quartet as soloist.  

The first of three movements, "The King and Court Jester," begins with regal fanfare followed quickly by the mischievious musings of the jester.  Loosely following Sonata Allegro form, the middle section is in contrast to the opening statement and is slower and more contemplative, clearly not the jester's part! But during the development section the jester clearly has his say and does so with the quartet's cadenza. After which the full orchestra returns, and the king concludes with a festive fanfare finale. 

The steady pulsing of the low flutes in "In Her Majesty's Garden" provides a backdrop for the delicately syncopated melody of the quartet.  The dynamic swells and rich harmonic colors of this movement makes this singular piece the favorite of all of Kathleen's compositions to date. 

"The King's Proclamation" is announced with a fanfare and followed by a melodic and rhytmic motif which is interwoven throughout the movement.  The concerto grosso quality of alternating back and forth between the two groups is most prominent in this movement. 

*Each of these movements can stand alone as concert pieces and are sold seperately as well.