Sacred Collection (Volume 1)
piccolo, 6 c flutes, 2 alto flutes, bass flute, string bass
Amy Rice-Young
Alry Publications
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flute choir

A Sacred Collection for Flute Choir - Volume 1
Includes Psalm 19: The Heavens Declare arranged by Bruce Behnke and Ave Verum Corpus by W. A. Mozart arranged by Rebecca Magg.

Psalm 19 is best known as a work for solo organ. This arrangement was made with the foure C flutes representing one manual or division of the organ and the other instruments being a second.  All of the instruments would then combine for full organ.

Mozart's motet, Ave Verum Corpus, was originally scored for voices and strings. In this transcription parts 1-4 take the vocal lines. Parts 5-8 reinforce and support them and provide an orchestral introduction, interlude and conclusion. Parts 5 and 6 require the use of the low B foot. Part 8 may be effectively strengthened with the use of both alto and bass flute, when available.

Includes a score and the following parts:
Piccolo/C Flute 1, C Flute 2, Eb Flute (to use as a substitute for C Flute 2), C Flute 3, C Flute 4, C Flute 5, C Flute 6, C Flute 7, Alto Flute 7 (to be used as a substitute for C Flute 7), Alto Flute 8, Bass Flute 8 (to be used in addition to or as a substitute for Alto Flute 8), String Bass.